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Kristin Meekhof

Kristin Meekhof

There is no magic formula for coping with all of the questions, the issues, and the grief following the loss of a husband. However, this book is written to help women more successfully cope with their emotions and the unique challenges following the loss of a husband. The authors have created a compassionate guide to help women deal with the myriad concerns they have and to help them develop a plan for coping with the complexities of life following the death of a husband.  This book will be especially helpful to the new widow or family friend who needs help understanding coping with the the difficult challenges widows face.

Selected 2021 Articles by Kristin Meekhof

“Why I Broke Up With My Fifteen-Year-Plus Corporate Career”, pubished in Medium, featured on Index, a Medium publication, August 29, 2021.

“A Serene Summer” published August 16, 2021, online & in print- Organic Spa Magazine.

“Five Tips For Caregivers to Consider”, published April 5, 2021, online  with”Psychology Today”, selected as an “Essential Read” by “Psychology Today” editor.

“Reclaming Resilience” published February 9, 2021, online and in print- Organic Spa Magazine.

“Seven Ways to Support Yourself As A Caregiver During The Pandemic”, published January 14, 2021, online with “Psychology Today”, selected as an “Essentail Read” by “Psychology Today” editor, and featured on the Elizabeth Dole Foundation Twitter account.

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