National Non-Profit Day + Meeting Connie Chung Memory

For National Non- Profit Day I’m sharing this photo taken at a non-profit dinner party. When I met Connie Chung in New York City, I was literally standing on one foot. While gripping the railing because my foot was still swollen from running the NYC marathon less than 48 hours before and couldn’t fit into a high heel I found myself teary-eyed because growing up I never saw an Asian woman on television in her capacity. And now I was standing beside her. With a lump in my throat, I told Connie how in highschool I styled my hair like hers because there wasn’t anyone else I saw to model my hair after. I told her about the lack of AAPI women in the media and what her presence met to me. She was so kind and authentic and took my hand in placed it in hers and said, “I know”.


Over the years, I’ve had the honor of facilitating major gifts (including a 300K gift). While, I’m not a “professionall” “Development” person, I love to help with major gifts because connecting people and creating opportunities are my both my passions and talents. Recently, a couple asked me to facilitate a six/ seven figure gift. And it brings me joy to be a part of this process. Next month, I’m open to helping with other development opportunities and sharing with my network what you do to make the world a better place.