Katie Couric

The New Year

Hello Friends, Thank you so very much for all of the warm notes you gave me about “A Widow’s Guide to Healing“. As you know, there is no finish line for grief, but there are ways to heal.

I’m deeply honored to be able to share with you this interview that Katie Couric did with me for Yahoo Health. I directly reached out to her last year and to my delight she replied. I was filled with anxiety when we talked on the phone, but I am thrilled that she and Yahoo shared my piece. Katie was generous and even shared this in her newsletter about me. “Kristin Meekhof who lost her husband at 33 years old, wrote a moving and thoughtful book about becoming a widow at such a young age. I feel a real connection with Kristin, and wish this book existed when I lost my husband Jay at 41.”

As you know the holidays are a sensitive time for those who have lost  a loved one. The Huffington Post, EmpowHER  andMaria Shriver featured a few of my pieces. I think some of the things I shared for coping with grief can apply year long. Here is the link  holiday piece which just happens to be my most popular Huffington Post piece to date.

I had the joy of speaking with ESME and I was a bit taken aback that they would think of interviewing me, even though I am not a solo mother. This website provides a wealth of information for solo mothers. They even offered to allow me to be their grief guide for their followers.

If you are going to be in Grand Rapids, Michigan on January 23, James Windell and I will be at Schuler Books & Music for a special luncheon. This is a ticketed event so here is the link for information.

And for those of you who set new year resolutions or are thinking of making one, I’ve shared some things with EmpowHER to keep in mind when sealing your intents.

Finally, I’ve written a piece that Huffington Post recently featured on their social media about ways to create the life you want after any loss. This loss may be a break-up, divorce, death, job termination.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With joy,