Saying “YES” to Giving & “YES” to YOU

Photo: Kristin Meekhof

Photo: Kristin Meekhof

Shortly after my husband died I was in a local grocery at the check out counter and barely holding it together. I avoided all eye contact with the clerk. Then I heard her ask if I wanted to donate a $1 to a local food bank. For whatever reason it grabbed my attention.
I said “YES”.

At that moment something inside me lit up.

I realized that by giving back however brief of a moment it may be (at a checkout, the action was less than a minute) it helped me focus my attention elsewhere. And giving, even this dollar felt good!

So when a generous widow reached out more than once to say she wanted to give her retreat deposit (for my private retreat) to another widow (no strings attached) I got a lump in my throat.


Women supporting women in action is such a gorgeous gift. And done in this space it is very beautiful.

In February 2019, I will be in the Scottsdale (AZ) area and with this gift I am able to offer a private one to one retreat for a woman (does not have to be a widow) at a significantly discounted rate.
Here’s What You Can Expect: 2 Days of Learning (not 48 hours straight with me) to give you a clear and easy to follow map of what you can do to move forward. You will gain powerful tools to help you cope with those moments that make you tense. You will be given suggested practices to reach whatever goals (personal and/ or professional) you desire. You will receive 3 follow- up phone calls with me after the retreat. And there is a goodie bag (gifts valued at over $150.00)

Say “YES” to YOURSELF. Now is the time to make yourself a priority and upgrade your confidence.

This is also valid for women who desire to expand their blog, platform, writing career or who want to become an author.
Email me for more precise details, dates, and questions.
All Love,