Considering A Career Change?

If you are thinking about a side gig or career change, and perhaps you read my recent piece “5 Things to Consider When Making A Career Change” which “Psychology Today” listed as an “Essential Read” and you’re wondering what your next steps may look like, my “Finding Your Voice” two- day individual retreat can help guide you in creating a blueprint for your transition.

United Nations Headquarters- photo by Kristin A. Meekhof

United Nations Headquarters- photo by Kristin A. Meekhof

As you know, I was able to leave my corporate job and start my own business. It wasn’t an easy thing to leave the security, the steady paycheck, but the truth is I was holding myself back, staying small. Having the courage to leave created months of stress and in the process I had to create my own guide for mastering my doubts and fears, and learn how to plan strategically to build a new, more successful and peaceful life. I collected what I learned and created a Curriculum of Change. Since I’ve been able to create a business that both brings me joy and helps me serve others, I now want to share the program I developed: Finding Your Voice: A Blueprint for Change. As someone who has seen me do the hard work of creating a life of meaning, a life of calm, and a life of purpose, I wanted to share this program with you first. Whether it’s a career change or a heart change, any big moves in our lives can feel hard to do alone.

The in-between time can be tough so that’s why I’m here to assist with the transition.

I work with people on an individual basis to help them not only get “grounded” but be confident in speaking their truth in whatever circumstance (professional and /or personal) they find challenging. Making a big change in your life requires newfound courage. When I made my career change, I made a conscious choice to mark that transition with a short window of time when I could reflect, repair and rebuild. I now offer a 2-day intensive retreat – Change Your Mind & Live Your Truth tailored to a client’s goals. Each retreat is unique, and the sessions that stretch your mind and open your heart…. Two follow-up coaching sessions are included to help you own and solidify your success!

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Sample Program, which can be customized to fit your goals
Day 1: Delving deep within to expand your reach
Intention Setting: Why it matters and how to do it. Exploring what direction you are currently facing and where you desire your new business to point towards.
Speaking & Sharing: This is where you will get clear about what you would like to share with others, how you want to be available and which methods  (i.e., coaching service, podcast, blog, website, stage) you will chose to deliver your message. You will be fine tuning the story you’ve been telling yourself about all of your experiences.
Boston Museum of Fine Arts: Property of Kristin Meekhof
Day 2 Expansion & Flow
Activating your plan/ goals: This work involves addressing a shift in your money mindset and charging what you are worth. Learning how to promote yourself in an authentic and real way. Examining leadership and collaboration opportunities. Developing a plan to take action rather it be via a beta group or a blog or speaking engagement or interview.
Topics to be discussed: Diligence, self- care, mentors, growth, and the creation of relevant content.
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Follow Up:
You will be given a suggested reading list to enhance your work.
You will receive 2 follow up coaching calls after the retreat.
Email me at to set up a phone call to learn more.

Please note: This is a self- directed program, not therapy or part of a mental health service. This coaching service is only for informational and educational purposes and should not be considered therapy or any form of treatment.

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