How I Built It – Part One


Recently, a friend asked me how I built strategic partnerships with major companies and influencers without any PR or media training. She was I made my way to ABC headquarters and wondered how I did it. I’m sharing what I shared with her and others. Before my book was released, I found myself beyond nervous pitching my idea for a one hour live Twitter chat with the (then) Chief Medical Correspondent ( my pitch worked and the event did happen). This was the first time I did this, but as a first- time author I became fearless in my outreach and engagement with influential leaders. I had a selfstarter mindset . And I never doubted by message – healing after loss is possible- and this belief along with strong interpersonal communication skills enabled me to foster, manage and grow partnerships with exceptional companies and individuals. I also brought and still bring a willingness to learn from others and an infinite passion to my work as an author, writer, life coach, book/ media consultant. Fortunately, strategic thinking is intuitive for me, but this doesn’t mean I don’t work to expand it. Look for opportunities to grow your mindset and to work closely with bright leaders and your passion to make an impact will be seen!

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