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How I Built It – Part One


Recently, a friend asked me how I built strategic partnerships with major companies and influencers without any PR or media training. She was I made my way to ABC headquarters and wondered how I did it. I’m sharing what I shared with her and others. Before my book was released, I found myself beyond nervous pitching my idea for a one hour live Twitter chat with the (then) Chief Medical Correspondent ( my pitch worked and the event did happen). This was the first time I did this, but as a first- time author I became fearless in my outreach and engagement with influential leaders. I had a selfstarter mindset . And I never doubted by message – healing after loss is possible- and this belief along with strong interpersonal communication skills enabled me to foster, manage and grow partnerships with exceptional companies and individuals. I also brought and still bring a willingness to learn from others and an infinite passion to my work as an author, writer, life coach, book/ media consultant. Fortunately, strategic thinking is intuitive for me, but this doesn’t mean I don’t work to expand it. Look for opportunities to grow your mindset and to work closely with bright leaders and your passion to make an impact will be seen!

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A Fun Memory Filled With Joy, Happiness, Honor & Gratitude


I’m so thankful and honored to be able to do the work I love as a mindset and resilience coach. Today, this memory appears on my social media feed, so I’m sharing it with you.

Here’s what Television Personality (regular contributor on “The View”, “Rachael Ray Show”) Owner of Gretta Spa (Connecticut & in Boston) Lifestyle Expert, Blogger, Author, Gretta Monahan says in our live Instagram conversation ~

“I call you my coach and my healer…..There’s no one more capable of helping us take the darkest times and moments and occurrences and help us to strategically and emotionally believe it or not… turn it into our superpower and our strength.” 

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A Suprise and Delight

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Dear Friends,

I’m updating you with a few good things.

My Monday morning (August 30, 2021) started with a surprise and delight. An editor from Index, a publication of Medium, featured my piece, “Why I Broke Up With My 15- Year -Plus Corporate Career” in their Monday morning newsletter. I share how I created a successful career I love without having an M.B.A. degree. I’m already overwhelmed with joy from the initial feedback.

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And speaking of degrees, for those of you who aren’t going back to school, but desire to expand your knowledge, I’m recommending you

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