A Very Special Event Invitation

You are all invited to the Global Widows Fund Annual Event- November 10

You are all invited to the Global Fund for Widows Annual Event- November 10- New York City. I am so honored to be a part of this beautiful event and would love to see you here.

Dear Friends,

I am deeply honored to be able to invite you to this very special event in New York.

Earlier this year, I met the founder of Global Fund for Widows Heather Ibrahim-Leathers at the United Nations CSW-60 Conference On The Status of Women. We immediately connected on both personal and professional levels. We share a passion for social justice not only for widows but also for their children. Heather’s (United Nations approved) organization assists widows by creating employment opportunities where no other opportunity exists.  Heather says, “The Global Fund for Widows seeks to align a widow’s skills, abilities, interests and financial needs, with employment options created by the program or through partnerships with other organizations and employers. With financial stability, widows are inspired to become self-reliant and self-accountable. And, in this way, they are able to extricate themselves from poverty.”

After the conference ended, we met again in New York and brainstormed ides for a piece to honor International Widow’s Day. We co- wrote this  for Psychology Today.

Heather not only works tirelessly advocating both at the the UN (NY) and abroad for the rights of widows and their families, but is also a dedicated wife and mother.

To learn more about Global Fund for Widows, go here.

We would love to see you in November. Do please email me at Kristin@kristinmeekhof.com with any questions.

All love,