A Suprise and Delight

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Dear Friends,

I’m updating you with a few good things.

My Monday morning (August 30, 2021) started with a surprise and delight. An editor from Index, a publication of Medium, featured my piece, “Why I Broke Up With My 15- Year -Plus Corporate Career” in their Monday morning newsletter. I share how I created a successful career I love without having an M.B.A. degree. I’m already overwhelmed with joy from the initial feedback.

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And speaking of degrees, for those of you who aren’t going back to school, but desire to expand your knowledge, I’m recommending you

check out Coursera. Recently, I contributed to this online platform (many courses are free) with a few videos for the Pixar/ University ofMichigan collaboration. In this short video I speak about gratitude ,and in this other video I talk about meditation and my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Deepak Chopra.

In closing, for those of you who desire to get unstuck from your current mindset and/ or role, I’m offering two different packages to help you. Simply email me at Kristin@kristinmeekhof.com for more precise details. I only offer this once a year for four individuals, so if you need some help, please do reach out.

~ With Gratitude,